PopTime Data Collection System For Catchers

Caught Stealing LLC proudly brings you the new standard in Pop & Release Time Data Collection for Catchers with the newly invented and the U.S. patented  ThePopTimerPro™.

Caught Stealing ThePopTimerPro™ collects 3 vital metrics for Catchers:

  • Pop Times, collected to the .000 (1/1000th of a second)
  • Release times, collected to the .00 (1/100th of a second)
  • Velocity collected in miles per hour (MPH)
  • Distance down to the inch

State-of-the-art location, distancing and Acceleration Technology is located inside of wireless units worn on the wrist straps of the catchers and infielder’s gloves. Data collection sessions are collected through the Caught Stealing App (available for iOS) and stored on a catcher’s private profile. The “Lie Detector” for Catchers will finally allow the proverbial “Cream to Rise to the Top”, taking bias and slow fingers out of the Data Collection equation forever.

Our “four-point video verification system” quantifies times for Regional and National Leaderboard rankings on our website. Catchers can promote themselves by consistently improving and lowering their times. Coaches can filter catcher metrics to streamline recruiting and find the catcher they are looking for!

Finally, a virtual platform for the MOST ACCURATE POP & RELEASE TIMES EVER COLLECTED!
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Our Team

State-of-the-Art Baseball Wearable Technology For Premium Accuracy, Durability & Reliability

Matt Ceriani

CEO President

With my 10 years as a professional catching instructor and 13 seasons playing for 3 MLB teams, Caught Stealing was designed to provide a definitive, accurate data collection device to collect pop and release times, helping catchers, coaches, college/professional teams, as well as, camps and clinics by connecting with one another, sharing stats and improving catcher performance. Learn more.

Caleb Balbuena

Vice President​

In spending a good portion of my life throwing to catchers, I know how important it is to give my catcher every advantage to make one throw to get an out and help me get out of an inning. Caught Stealing’s state-of-the-art technology and patented process brings to life the “radar gun” for catchers. giving objective data to help catchers achieve their dreams of getting to the next level. Learn more.

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Stay tuned catchers… We’re almost there!

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