About Caught Stealing

Caught Stealing is a first of its kind, baseball wearables company that markets a patented, state-of-the-art Bluetooth device called the Release Timer. Our mission is to achieve supreme accuracy, durability and reliability for both the player and coach/scout to utilize for recruiting and talent evaluation. Equipped with a Bluetooth locator, the device will calculate the exact distances between bases for collecting extremely accurate release times that can be monitored through our web-based Caught Stealing App, available on any Apple/iOS or Android device.

Our Technology

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Wrist Unit
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Glove Unit

The Release Timer will have a free app to use on the iPhone, iPad and Android systems available in the App Store. Our service will include your verified times, giving scouts and coaches the ability to remotely monitor your times as you throw. This alleviates any concern about who’s watching live since players can post their top ten times from the day’s workout right next to their own best top ten times on their profile page. Recruit yourself by recording hundreds of times for a truly competitive average. Gain access to expert videos, see where you stand on the local, regional, state and national levels and manage emails from scouts and coaches monitoring your progress.

The Release Timer app uses patented technology to keep track of where the ball is caught and received. In order to create a baseball/softball recruiting tool, we include the distances thrown in the equation.

See where your times stack up compared to the best in the world. A 4-point video verification system will qualify times for rankings. Players will then be able to connect with other players, scouts and coaches who are looking for players with the best times. Learn More.

Our Team

State-of-the-Art Baseball Wearable Technology For Premium Accuracy, Durability & Reliability

Matt Ceriani

President / Co-Owner​

With my 10 years as a professional catching instructor and 13 seasons playing for 3 MLB teams, Caught Stealing was designed to provide a definitive, accurate data collection device to collect pop and release times, helping players, coaches, college/professional teams, as well as, camps and clinics by connecting with one another, sharing stats and improving player performance. Learn more.

Caleb Balbuena

President / Co-Owner​

In spending a good portion of my life throwing to catchers, I know how important it is to give my catcher every advantage to make one throw to get an out and help me get out of an inning. Caught Stealing’s state-of-the-art technology and patented process brings to life the “radar gun” for catchers. giving objective data to help catchers achieve their dreams of getting to the next level. Learn more.

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Stay tuned catchers… We’re almost there!

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