Caleb Balbuena

Caleb’s Position With Caught Stealing

As a pitcher who topped out at 98+mph, I was originally selected by the Baltimore Orioles in the sixth round of the 1997 amateur draft. I chose not to sign and instead took a scholarship opportunity to play at Long Beach State. My success at Long Beach State included a trip to the finals of the College World Series. I went on to pitch for the Seattle Mariners, as well as the Colorado Rockies in MiLB and have over 13 years of professional baseball experience.. After retiring from professional pitching, I began my professional coaching career. I served as a coach in professional ball for several years, including a year as interim manager. In 2020 I was offered a college coaching job that I accepted and still enjoy today. The PopTimerPRO100™ by Caught Stealing LLC offers a solution to an unmet need in the world of baseball, and more specifically in the world of catchers. The PopTimerPRO100™ is “the radar gun for catchers” and we are excited to see catchers help launch this technology that will transfer to other platforms in the future as well. PopTimerPRO100™, where accuracy meets performance.

Caleb Balbuena – Professional Background


Seattle Mariners (1998-2002)
Allentown Ambassadors (2002)
Kansas City T-Bones (2004-2005)
Colorado Rockies (2005)
Kansas City T-Bones (2006)
Saint Joe Blacksnakes (2006)
Camden River sharks (2006-2007)
Saint Joe Blacksnakes (2007)
Harlingen Whitewings (2008)


Manger for Harlingen Whitewings (2008)
Pitching Coach for Kansas City T-bones (2010-2011)