Caleb Balbuena

Caleb’s Position With Caught Stealing

As one of the co-developers of Caught Stealing and its patented process for getting pop-times and release times for catchers, my focus will be working with the web developers and app designers. After working with kids for the last 15 years as a baseball instructor, Caught Stealing will provide a roadmap for catchers to help them be their own best coaches as well as recruiters. My job is to help guide them and provide them with state-of-the-art technology and a user experience that makes it fun and enjoyable to want and need to get better.

Caleb Balbuena – Professional Background


Seattle Mariners (1998-2002)
Allentown Ambassadors (2002)
Kansas City T-Bones (2004-2005)
Colorado Rockies (2005)
Kansas City T-Bones (2006)
Saint Joe Blacksnakes (2006)
Camden River sharks (2006-2007)
Saint Joe Blacksnakes (2007)
Harlingen Whitewings (2008)


Manger for Harlingen Whitewings (2008)
Pitching Coach for Kansas City T-bones (2010-2011)