Why The PopTimer Pro100™ (Features & Benefits)

Finally, the world’s most accurate and consistent option for collecting pop and exchange time data for catchers is here. When it comes to evaluating throwing times, the main tool for evaluating throws has been the handheld stopwatch. Historically, the most difficult skill to possess as a talent evaluator is to accurately collect hand-held pop times or exchange times. Those days are finally gone. Caught Stealing has created a truly transparent player profile-based platform that records light-speed impact and release readings with distance readings accurate down to fractions of an inch. The most accurate pop times ever collected and “Too Accurate!” according to catching guru and Colorado Rockies Lead Catching Instructor, Jerry Weinstein.

The PopTimer Pro100™ will save catchers thousands of dollars on the multitude of throwing showcases and exposure camps. You will have the ability to be your own college recruiter with our Caught Stealing App. You can be your own pair of eyes with our video and data collection option to put yourself on our worldwide leaderboard for the top catcher-throwing times in the world! You don’t need a field anymore. With our distancing technology, you could get times and be recruited from your local Safeway parking lot.


The PopTimer Pro100™ by Caught Stealing is the ultimate in wearable data collection technology ever created for catchers. Invented with rocket science engineering and state-of-the-art technology, Caught Stealing has created never-before-seen accuracy for recording Pop Times, Exchange Times, Distance, and Average Velocity in real-time for catchers. For years, there has been a main focus and collection of data for pitchers and hitters. With such a huge advance for these two positions, catchers were left out of the equation until now. With these never-before-used or worn-before tools in the catching world, our Caught Stealing App will help boys and girls achieve their goals at a fraction of the cost of what the industry charges and can be done at your local park.


In most circumstances, catchers from all around the USA will have to travel to some showcases or camps to get vital metrics that will get catchers a chance to get to the next level or get noticed. Below is a list of some of the gear and cost associated with catchers. These prices are an average cost for catchers, boys, and girls starting at ages 13-14, usually in the 7th or 8th-grade year:

  • Catchers gear: $400 to $500
  • Catchers glove: $200 to $300
  • Cleats: $100
  • Bat: $350
  • Catchers Bag: $200
  • Showcase: $500 to $600 (per showcase)
  • Travel for a 1-2 day showcase: $1000 (per showcase)
  • Travel Ball: $2000 to $3000 per year
  • Travel Expenses for Travel Ball: $6000 to $8000 per year

As you can see, it can be very expensive to get in front of the right coaches or any coaches at all who can make a decision about your son or daughter’s future in sports. But now, with the PopTimer Pro100™, you can literally walk out your front door and use our Caught Stealing App to showcase yourself and get the information you need. With the Caught Stealing App, you can reach out to coaches on our platform with just a click of a button, making it a much less expensive and more enjoyable experience. Instead of doing 6-8 throws at a showcase, you can now do 20-30 throws every other day and showcase yourself. With real-time, objective data that shows up in the app just as fast as numbers on a radar gun, you can take control of your journey without breaking the bank.

WHO IS THE PopTimer Pro100™ FOR?

The PopTimer Pro100™ is for any and all catchers who want to take their journey of getting to the next level into their own hands. Caught Stealing has created a radar gun for catchers, providing objective numbers right away to help catchers work on their craft. The best part is that the Caught Stealing App offers certain features that are unlocked with different subscription levels, so there’s something useful for everyone no matter their talent level. The PopTimer Pro100™ was created so parents wouldn’t have to take out a second mortgage just to get their son or daughter noticed. With the cost of showcases and travel ball, some amazing catchers don’t get the opportunity to get in front of decision-makers for the next level. Caught Stealing offers opportunities for catchers as well as infielders or outfielders who may not have quite gotten good enough at their original position. By using the PopTimer Pro100™, they may be able to show that they are a better catcher than any other position.

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